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As of late I get quite a lot of questions related to my current workout.  I was initially unwilling to speak about it too much since I wanted to wait and determine if I was getting results before I wrote a review.

My personal opinion is final.

I could not be happier.  For the last several months I’ve been utilizing Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building program and I can now say with complete credibility that it is a highly successful product and I give it my strongest recommendation.

What is Visual Impact?

Visual Impact was created by probably my personal favorite fitness bloggers, Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book.  If you spend any quantity of your time on his blog you’re likely to discover for yourself why he gets a great deal of respect.  His specialty is assisting people achieve what he dubs the “lean Hollywood look.”  His program is created to assist folks look more like Brad Pitt, not bulky body builders.

His product is comprised of three two-month stages: growth, density, and definition (in addition he tosses in a bonus phase that can actually help to make your muscles ‘pop’).  He supplies a rich explanation for every phase as well as supplies a number of alterations to the steps dependent on what you’re seeking.

In addition to providing you with a prescriptive fitness program, he also provides solid facts on supplements, eating for muscle building, and dieting for fat loss.  You’ll get totally free access to ‘special reports’ Rusty puts together as he finds out more and superior techniques for body building, printable training charts, along with a 227 page exercise demonstrations book which will help provide you with ideas on which exercises you would like to make use of while implementing his training course.

Use this link to explore the the top workout review of Visual Impact Muscle Building.

What’s so fantastic about Visual Impact?

What I like the most about Visual Impact Muscle Building (in addition to the results) is the fact that Rusty makes a considerable effort to teach you about muscle building and he tells you how it is possible to adjust his program to attain the precise outcomes you want.   Would you like to create size within your chest, but enhance definition and tone of your biceps and triceps?  He’ll reveal to you exactly the way to do that.  Do you want to add more thickness to your back and not to your legs?  He’ll show you the way to make it happen, too.  I have learned a whole lot about body development through this course; and, after half a year, I’m able to say that the program Rusty developed will bring you fantastic gains.

Is there a single thing I didn’t like in regards to the product?

I realize that this is a very positive review of Visual Impact, but it does have one large drawback.  To really follow Rusty’s program, you are probably going to need to invest more than one hour inside the gym every time you workout.  I recognize that for some this may be a problem.  I would rather limit my workout sessions to 45 minutes, but this is simply not feasible when you follow Rusty’s program precisely as it is presented.  Obviously, he does show you how to adjust his training course so there are tips on how to make it work for you.

How much money am I going to have to pay to pick up this product?

Right now Rusty is offering Visual Impact for $47.  This is much less than the average cost of 1 hour with a fitness trainer, and significantly less than one month’s fee at most gyms.  With this one-time payment you’ll find out how to build muscle, lose weight, and develop a lean, muscular physique.  You’ll possess a 6-month course to follow along with and then you can go back and repeat the cycles as often as you like so that you can continue to enhance your physique.  I absolutely feel it has been cash spent well.

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