Tips to Choosing Wood for Decks and Fences

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Fences and decks give additional living space, increase the aesthetic and resale value of any property. But before going out to shop for materials for building a deck or a fence, there are a number of important things you have to consider: aesthetic, price, lifestyle, and maintenance.


Pressure-treated wood: 


Most fences and decks are made from pressure treated wood because it’s most affordable type of lumber. But the method of pressure treatment does not make it absolutely resistant to water, meaning you will have to apply water repellent to the fence or the deck at least once in a year to protect the wood against damage and moisture. There are certain brands of pressure-treated lumber that are designed for the outdoors. They contain preservative which makes use of copper as the primary ingredient. Copper is a naturally occurring mineral. It is a very effective fungicide. Some manufacturers of pressure-treated lumber add a compound called “quat” to better the performance of a lumber against termites and fungi that are copper tolerant.




A regularly maintained fence or deck made of pressure-treated wood can last up to four decades. In terms of maintenance, it ought to be thoroughly washed annually with a detergent to remove algae, dirt, mold, and moss. Also, using a pressure washer is a quick, easy way to clean a fence or a deck. When the structure has completed dried, use a sealant. A sealant can help prevent both discolouration and splintering due to moisture.


Red Cedar Wood: 


Such type of lumber naturally contains oil preservative making it resistant to insects and rot. Its nice texture, grain, and colour make it a very popular choice. Cedar is one of the most attractive materials for fences and decks. Cedar is lighter than pressure treated timber, making it easier to work with. This means that it is more expensive.




Wash deck or fence once annually with water and detergent. Don’t use a pressure washer on Cedar decks or fences. Surely, cedar is durable, but it is still a softwood and cans still get damaged due to much water pressure.


Composite Decking


This is made from a combination of durable resin and wood fibers. It is designed to resemble true wood and does not require painting or staining. It does not crack, rot, splinter, or warp.




Periodic washing with water and some soap is very important to get rid of accumulated dirt on the surface. Also, this will prevent the accumulation of debris and pollen that will cause mildew and mold growth. The fence or deck should be cleaned and rinsed using a pressure washer. But it shouldn’t be used to blast off soiling agents, otherwise the dirt will be driven far deeper into the material. Test on a certain area prior to washing the whole structure.


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