The Famous Acai Berry Diet Pill

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Acai Berry has already grown popularity nowadays thru famous TV shows (shows like Oprah, RealAge, CNN, etc.) and magazines.

Aside from its infamous benefit (weight reduction); Acai Berry has far more benefits than that. It also aids in improving digestion, serves as vitamin, improves skin, good for cleansing and detox, among many others.

Acai berries are fruits of Acai palm trees, similar to that of purple grapes, commonly found in the Amazon Rainforest. This fruit is made up of 90 percent seed pits and the rest comprised its pulp. The pulp is then processed to extract the puree as the final product. Its flavor is unique in its own way, discovered to have contained exceptional nutritional values. Acai berries are all natural but if you are looking for more natural diet pills than you should try hoodia diet pills!

By the tradition, Acai berries are being used in the Guarana and Amazon area as an energy booster. This fruit has long been used by the natives along the Amazon River in Northern Brazil as part of their diet. There were also legends about the fruit’s healing properties, and is therefore used in the whole Amazon area.

According to Wikipedia, Acai berries are primarily harvested as food. Three traditional Caboclo populations in Brazil (Amazon area) have been researched and studied. It was found out that Acai palm is regarded as the most important plant species for it is a basic part of their daily diet, which comprises about 42% of total food intake. Not to mention that it is inexpensively valuable in the area. Acai Berries are amongst those Diet Pills that work!

Acai Berry is essential to all people who are in dire need of losing weight. Drinking Acai Berry regularly will help you swill out those extra pounds and speed up your metabolism. Package of benefits shall also include improved digestion and good skin condition.


Chemical ingredients of the Acai berry includes dietary fiber, polyphenols, phytosterols, obromine, omega fatty acids, anthocyanidins, trace minerals(copper, iron, calcium, cobalt, chromium and manganese), natural vitamin E, protein and low glycemic index.

Pure Acai Berry: In Canada and United States, Acai Berry can be found in various kinds of product like acai berry drink or acai berry juice. However, not all of them can be distinguished as pure acai berry. Acai berry extract are sometimes mixed with other ingredients, consequently lessening the efficacy of the product. Worst, some of them might even be totally different – fake ones. Please consult your doctor before taking any medicine or Diet Pills!

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