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Healthy Nutrition: Raw Food Diet

April 27, 2015 sarah Uncategorized

A lot of people want to lead a healthier lifestyle. They expect to achieve their goals through regular physical activity and a healthy diet. However, with all of these different diets making their way around the World Wide Web; it is often difficult to pinpoint exactly what a good diet should consist of. In this […]


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Understanding Acupuncture

December 17, 2014 sarah Uncategorized

One of the oldest forms of medicine in the world is Acupuncture. It has been practiced for thousands of years successfully in China and Asian countries. It has become an acceptable form of alternative medicine in Western culture and provided many patients healing benefits. Acupunctures main goal is to stimulate areas of the body to […]


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Weight Management: How to Maintain your Current Weight?

August 30, 2014 sarah Uncategorized

For anyone who has ever lost a significant amount of weight, maintaining your weight achievement is very important. Since the process of losing weight can be quite difficult, keeping the lost weight off is just as vital. Whether you reached your weight with the best diet pills or with a healthy diet, in this article […]


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Healthy Lifestyle: Benefits of Fruit and Vegetables

May 10, 2014 sarah Uncategorized

Everyone knows that consuming a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is very beneficial to our overall health. Fresh produce tends to be rich in various nutrients which aid our daily bodily functions. In this article I will provide some of the health benefits that we gain by consuming the daily serving of fruit and […]


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A Healthy Diet for you and your Kids

March 30, 2014 sarah Uncategorized

Healthy nutrition is a must for everyone. Bad eating habits will not only have an adverse effect upon your health, but they will also affect your kid’s wellbeing. Teaching your children good nutrition habits starts at an early age and it stars at home. Whatever your children are taught at home is what they will […]


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Losing Weight in a time of Bad Economy

December 26, 2013 sarah Uncategorized

With the economy at its lowest, a lot of people are putting some of their luxuries on hold. People are giving up their gym memberships and buying less healthy food alternatives in order to save money. However, bad economy does not have to jeopardize your health or your weight. You can still continue to strive […]


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