Reasons behind Women Hair Loss

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Girls who have just experienced evidence of women hair loss will have a single wonder inside their thoughts – why me? There’s truly no precise answer but what hair experts are stating is that there are several reasons that lead to this condition. Hair thinning cannot be attributed to any one issue you did, such as coloring your hair, styling it a particular way or using a new shampoo. All of these could potentially harm your hair, but there lies deeper reasons for your baldness.

Let’s consider the hair’s normal growth cycle first. In a healthy woman, hair is grown in the hair follicle and continuous to grow for approximately six years and then enters into a resting phase. This lasts for about three months and then hair falls from the hair follicles and replaced by a new one. This way, it’s somewhat common to lose approximately 50 to 100 strands of hair a day without you noticing any substantial difference in hair volume. At any given period, hair specialists say that approximately 90% of our hair is growing and the remaining 10 % is resting. This hair growth cycle assures that our head is covered with healthy, strong hair.

Some event will upset the normal program of things inside our body and disrupt this cycle. More hair goes into the resting period and stop growing. Those that are resting fall of the hair follicles and no replacement hair grows. Those that grow up brand new hair develop progressively shorter and finer hair in each succeeding cycle. Fortunately for ladies, their hair thinning pattern preserves their frontal hairline and they rarely wind up losing all their hair and turn out to be entirely bald. But this is 1 cause of women thinning hair.

Likely causes of baldness comprise of taking birth control pills or stopping it all together, pregnancy, childbirth, improper dieting, hormonal variations, and medicines. Your doctor needs to scrutinize you to accurately analyze the cause and prescribe a good remedy. But most of these causes may be momentary and correcting them will also resolve hair loss issues.

What about woman hair loss due to genetics?

Your hair thinning may be as a result of genetic conditions. This is a ailment named androgenetic alopecia or female pattern baldness(FPB) . In this case, you do have to handle baldness directly so as to inhibit more hair loss and more importantly, promote hair regrowth. The USA FDA has so far authorized one medicine, Minoxidil for treating hair thinning due to FPB. Minoxidil combined with the correct diet supplementation can work wonders to get back your damaged hair.

For this reason, Female Provillus has come up with a combination product for female baldness therapy. You get a topical liquid solution with 2% Minoxidil that’s applied directly into the impacted places, and a dietary aid that includes a proprietary blend of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that nourish plus energize your hair follicles and improve regrowth of lush and thick hair.

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