Radiant Floor Heating Offers Tiptoe Comfort

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Your better half got up in the middle of the night and right away those frozen toes are attacking your territory with the tenacity of a heat-seeking projectile. Good for you, the new home will be sporting radiant floor heating – a sure cure for confrontations with cold feet at 2 in the morning or a midwinter chill that touches your bone marrow.

Under-floor heat has been used since the Roman Empire when it was in its peak in public constructions and the villas of the well-off. Hot air was distributed beneath tile or brick, offering a radiant warmth – energy that channeled heat through the flooring and along to cooler furniture like Roman reclining chairs, statues, marble-topped tables and stoic centurions.

With the coming of elastic PEX piping to the United States in the 1980s, its use has rocketed as more products have been developed for the construction industry – among those have been hydronic systems to supply radiant floor heating. Unlike forced-air furnaces, modern hydronic floor arrangements utilizing PEX plumbing products furnish more consistent warmth to a room, are less drying, more economic and a whole lot quieter than old furnaces or metal steam pipes.

PEX tubing is made of cross-linked polyethylene, which yields these high tech pipes durability, chemical resistance, superior mobility, a cost-efficient installation profile and greater temperature range. This polyethylene tubing can be used with water as hot as 200 degrees Fahrenheit in heating arrangements.

There are different methods of installing radiant floor heating. Some use electrical line voltage schemes, but easy-to-use PEX tubing products have made hydronic under-floor heat fashionable with both house constructors and house owners. Because the tube is so resilient, its coils can be utilized in a sustained distance, eliminating the requirement for multiple joints and fittings.

Numerous radiant floor heat systems employ oxygen-barrier PEX radiant hosing employed in gypsum concrete. Others comprise low-mass underlay – wood panels with recessed niches for flexible pipe.

Each remodeling or new-construction project is well suited by one application or another, so look into your hydronic floor heating alternatives fully. Do your due dilligence!

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