Organic Carrier Oils

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When it comes to practicing aromatherapy, you will not want to apply essential oils directly to your skin. They may cause irritation or other types of reactions, due to their extremely concentrated nature To avoid these forms of situations, they’re mixed with carrier oils before being applied to the body in order to yield beneficial results.

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The best type of carrier oil for a person varies by skin type, and there are any varieties available for purchase in many specialty shops, natural food markets, or on the internet. Sweet almond, sunflower, apricot, and coconut are the most common types of oils. Each is characterized by a mild aroma that will not overpower the scent of the essential oil with which it is being mixed.

When you select the product, be certain it does not contain preservatives and is not processed. It should be cold pressed, cold expeller pressed, or refined to be used on the skin. The process of cold pressing or cold expeller pressing implies that it has been pressed from the fatty areas of the plant with out using any additional heat. The point being that any unnecessary heat utilized in processing would possibly hurt the components in the product and make it much less effective.

The price of products will range based on the processing technique, the botanical product they came from, whether its organic, and the amount being purchased. You will find that conventional variations cost less than organic products. If the consumer wants an natural product, then they should confirm that its certified organic.

When choosing carrier oils, processing methods and product sort are two important items that must be considered. The oils are extracted from various kinds of botanicals which can be commonly present in nature. Using cold expeller pressed or cold pressed processing will give the highest quality items. This of course means the quantity of heat was kept to a minimum throughout processing. Another variable in these products is whether they are standard or organic. All organic items must be certified as such, so the buyer will know that the product is authentic.

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