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Officially, Ladera Ranch is an unincorporated planned community. It is found in the southern section of Orange County, near the cities of San Juan Capistrano, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Mission Viejo. As a well-planned community, Ladera Ranch has introduced a number of special features that set it apart from most others. In Ladera Ranch, for example, the planners thought well ahead and implemented effective speed-reducing measures on a large number of roads used in the area. Bank foreclosures in Ladera Ranch have become more common with the recent housing turn.

The Ladera Ranch is divided in approximately nine villages interspersed throughout the area. Ten or more neighborhoods can be found in every village, and numerous tracts and houses for sale may be found in every neighborhood. The houses are meticulously designed from Spanish Revival to Colonial, assuring you to find a house that perfectly befits not only your personality but also your budget. Clubhouses are also set and designed specifically to follow a certain main theme highlighted in the village where it is conveniently located. Playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, and other open areas are also found inside every village, designed and patterned with a particular theme. Purchasing a Ladera Ranch bank foreclosure can often allow a prospective homeowner to find value.

A private-access water park, an impressive skate park, several community parks, a dog park, plunges or little swimming pools and countless pocket parks are also found in Ladera Ranch. Within the available open area, families may enjoy the smooth, sweet air and enjoy a wonderful picnic and barbecue during Sunday family gatherings. Athletes are also provided with great sports facilities, such as the Cox Sports Park, a part of the County of Orange park system. This park is maintained and managed by the Ladera Ranch Maintenance Corporation.

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