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October 31, 2014 sarah Uncategorized

Twitter has fashioned quite a buzz recently with a glut of celebrities mentioning Twitter on their video casts , and marketing experts telling you, we can leverage Twitter to create hundreds of followers , the interest in Twitter is at a record peak . You most likely know people on Twitter and suppliers may have invited you to join them on Twitter . And that last point is what I want to mention today . What are YOU doing about it for yourself?

It seems as though many people are still ignoring the potential of Twitter. That could be because it’s potential is disguised inbetween benile posts about breakfast choice.

But however you approach your Twitter strategy and there’s a great FREE training video about that at but whatever you do, you should be doing something. The least you’re likely to achieve is a handful of great relationships , ideally with some way of people finding you by your keyword, or your name. It could be embarrassing if existing customers search for you and your competitor , or a cyber squatter, have beaten you to your own profile.

We have other articles on getting targeted traffic, but let’s look at something we can do today A right now We’ll take a more detailed look at building a targeted list but first let’s explore a quick and easy option.

Many people envision Twitter traffic as an internal channel of Twitter itself . A concept most Twitter directories also foster. But in the real Twitter , the advantages of having your normal traffic join you on Twitter are enormous . So beneficial that we need to do something about it now .

A very quick solution is to add a Twitter “badge” to your web properties . It’s simply a graphic stating who you are on Twitter with a link to your Twitter page. In the videos I mentioned earlier , you’ll discover a lot more , but a badge will start us off in a good direction .

You can get your own customised Twitter badge for zilcho from here ; – FollowMe Twitter Badge .

You just paste the HTML it provides in to your page .

You can also paste the pure HTML in to most blog widgets. I’ve added them on all my blogs.

The Badge is supplied in its own little HTML DIV tag so should exist fine almost anywhere.

If you create a table or div tag to position it in , then you can just paste the code in in that place . With WYSIWYG html editors, there is usually an HTML “object” box you can place in the desired location and just place the code in to that. Adobe Dreamweaver users can just insert an AP Layer (from the insert menu) and then paste the code in to that using the HTML code view pane.

Don’t delay. Add your Twitter badge today.

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