How to Succeed in the HCG Dieting Plan

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Disclaimer: Before taking any medical advice, you should consult a doctor.


To succeed in implementing the HCG diet plan, one needs first and foremost to have the correct mindset. Dieting in whatever system is a difficult undertaking, being contrary to the urges of the body, primarily the urge to physically sustain oneself nutritionally. Because dieting restricts the intake of sugar and starch to low quantities, the body resorts to burning body fats to produce the energy needed for the daily normal or even enhanced activities such as exercising. It thus throws the usual body metabolism out of whack and the body reacts by creating difficulties such as crankiness, irritability, slight nausea, and other temporary small maladies.

So a person about to go on a diet should fortify himself against these rather strong urges. Additionally, he must:

Realize what lies ahead for him. Mastering what the dieting program entails will boost the chances of success for the dieter. Knowing the demands in terms of system, dietary forms, and other elements will aid in the effort to shed the excess weight.

Use all the gadgets. To count calories exactly, the food items need be weighed correctly so a postal or digital scale is essential because kitchen scales are not accurate enough. Reminders in the refrigerator door can strengthen one’s resolve in critical moments; seeking answers online through diet forums can help hurdle difficulties and introduce new ideas as well.

Modify the daily routine. Eschew sweets, carbohydrates, alcohol, fatty meats, oils and even skin lotions, moisturizers and perfumes that contain or use oil or fat as base. In other words, one should avoid using or ingesting items that contain the above-mentioned substances. Also, don’t stay up late or overstress the body and mind. Vegetarianism is also a helpful method of dieting to success.

Formulate a program. Based on the researched information and the suggested HCG diet protocol, one should make ready a detailed plan of implementation. The suggested or pre-planned diet regimen may not be appropriate for you in terms of many factors such as religion, state of health, medical restrictions and the like.

Consult your doctor. Most especially if you have certain medical requirements or conditions that may negatively affect you should you go dieting. Seek his advice to preclude any regrettable medical emergencies later.

Be goal-oriented in small increments. Thinking of losing 20 pounds in four weeks can be so daunting one would readily think of defeat, while desiring to lose only two pounds in five days may be considered more viable and thus preferred. Frequent successes though little ones can also lead to the final triumph. 

Furthermore, fixing the mind on the desired results and not on the regimen would make the difficulties less strenuous and success more likely.

Maintain a record. Recording the food intake form and volumes, and the feeling afterwards, can help in the post-program analysis of success or failure. The record may also be very helpful in the final parts of following the HCG diet protocol.

Beyond mental control over body urges, dieting also needs groundwork and system to succeed.


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