How To Keep Glass Shelves Looking Their Finest

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Glass shelves can be quite a beautiful and functional part of your home decor. However, they start to look shabby if they are not maintained with proper care. Glass shelves though do not require any expensive or chemical cleaners and so are quicker to take care of. With frequent attention, some knowledge plus a gentle touch, you should have no issue keeping your shelves looking their best.

The Right Supplies For Cleaning Glass Shelves

You must never go cheap about the supplies required to clean glass shelves, and luckily, they aren’t expensive in any way. The thickest glass needs a delicate touch and using harsh cleaners or rough materials on your own shelves can result in scratching, clouding or even a weakening of the glass. The first thing to consider may be the cleaner you apply. Water and soap are adequate for removing dust, but regular soap tends to leave a film or scum on top of the shelves. Even though this scum doesn’t do permanent damage, it causes your shelves to appear dull and unattractive. Generic glass cleaner is really a much preferable cleanser for your glass shelves, because it is not going to leave any streaks or films. White vinegar along with water can also act as a great cleaner however it gives out a sour smell in the air and isn’t as effective.

The second thing to consider when cleaning your glass shelves is the cloth you utilize to wipe them. Scratchy materials including steel wool or plastic scrub pads can permanently damage the surface of the glass and definitely will leave a dull, scratched appearance. A soft piece of fabric is more preferable for wiping down your shelves, if you are dusting them or utilizing a cleaning product. Paper towel and newspaper sheets may also be very efficient, although they can tear when damp, leaving small bits of paper stuck to the surface of your glass shelves.

The Most Effective Ways Of Cleaning Glass Shelves

You need all of the necessary materials close by before you start cleaning the glass shelves. First, you should carefully remove all items which are on the shelves. Make sure that you don’t scratch the glass with any sharp corners and become careful not to drop any heavy objects as they could chip an edge or shatter shelves. Once the glass shelves are completely cleared of products, do a quick look-over to identify any potential problems. If a shelf is cracked or even a screw is loose, the shelf may not be dependable. Even if the screws don’t appear loose, it never hurts to give them an additional turn using a screwdriver.

It is now time for you to clean the surface of the glass shelves. Gently wipe away any loose dust that may cause scratching. After you have sprayed the glass cleaner on each shelf, use circular motion to wipe them clean. To keep your glass shelves looking their best, you should make sure that most streaks are removed prior to deciding to put your belongings in their places.

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