How Filthy Is Your Office?

April 30, 2015 sarah Uncategorized

Where do you usually eat your lunch? Is your preference to eat at your office desk or eat your meal sat on the toilet?

I suspect that almost all of you would decide to choose your office desk. From a bacterial cleanliness point of view it would be safer to eat on the toilet seat. Yes, I did actually just write that! Arizona University researchers collected swabs from around one hundred offices right across the US and on analysis found there was over 400 times as much bacteria on the office desk as on the average toilet seat. Does your Aberdeen office cleaner clean the office desk properly?

Right now you probably have a keyboard sitting in front of you. On average that keyboard will likely to have over 3,000 microbes in every square inch. Scroll down using your computer mouse to read the rest of this article and you will around 1750 microbes per square inch. But the telephone – that thing that keeps ringing whenever you are trying to do your work – has 25,000 microbes per square inch.

Alba Office Cleaning company visits a number of new companies in Aberdeen area each day. Many of them already have office cleaning contracts with other companies so are no longer shocked to discover the lack of cleaning standards an half done jobs.

I remember hearing from a typist who was complaining that the office cleaners had left the waste paper bin on a chair and how inconvenient that had been for her having to put it on the floor beside the desk. The cleaner had probably lifted the office bin to empty it and ensure the area was vacuumed (believe me I have seen office cleaners who would have vacuumed around it rather than move it for cleaning).

I asked her which was the most important job for the cleaner in the office around the desks. To be told to make sure that the bins were emptied and the floor was cleaned every day but office staff would clear their own desk so papers were not disturbed. With her permission I spread a few clean sheets of paper from her printer on the desk. Tipped her own keyboard upside down and tapped it a few times to remove the crumbs, bits of skin and dirt from between the keys. After speaking about some other cleaning priorities and the stats I quoted above we signed a cleaning contract to provide that office with a regular cleaning contract which included the desk-tops and computer equipment using our own specialist cleaning staff.

Yes, visitors to your office expect to see a clean office environment and their first impressions do count but office managers should also be thinking about the health and safety or even welfare of their own staff as well.


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