Helpful Tips for Using Yacht Charters

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Would-be travelers who have not experienced yacht charter Airlie Beach before will find this one-of-a-kind voyage very meaningful. It is not like the conventional vacation in a five-star hotel or beach resort. Nevertheless, you need to prepare a substantial budget and make bookings at least one year in advance for peak season trips. It is also vital to deal only with notable vessel charter agencies in the industry.

Decide whether you want to charter a boat or motor-driven yacht. The schooner is for vacationers who want to experience the ocean’s natural elements. Motor-powered craft are speedy and bigger than sailboats. It is designed for those who wish to relish the luxurious lifestyle. Figure out the actual number of grown-ups and kids whom you will be bringing along. It will be less difficult for you to determine the charter yacht size and number of rooms along with beds. Advise the charter about your preferred amenities.

Select the location and length of your holiday. Almost all charter ferries are booked on a daily or weekly period. Yet, costs may be higher during Saturdays and Sundays, summer and peak season tours. Some popular destinations are the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mediterranean. Find out from the agent places that will assure you a very enjoyable cruise.

TIP! Use an ATM when you are in a distant country. Usually banks and financial institutions are able to offer exchange rates that are better than those available to individuals.

Prepare your budget. Apart from the charter fee, include harbor charges, fuel, food supplies, refreshments and airfare. You will also have to cover the skipper and crew in case you do not have any navigation knowledge. Once you have resources ready, ask for the lease agreement from the charterer. Look at each provision diligently and equivalent costs. Figure out all terms as well as fine print of the yacht charter firm. Consult the booking agent if something looks ambiguous to you.

Customers are asked for a 50 percent deposit upon signing of the agreement. The balance should be resolved one month before you sail out. Advance Provision Allowance may also be necessary. Charterers normally ask about nutritional preferences, special requirements and health conditions.

Make sure to get the applicable insurance policies such as cancellation and curtailment. This is necessary if you are forced to cut your vacation out of the blue because of an immediate reason. Accident and travel coverage is also important. Check with the booking agent about the kind of plan that you should acquire. The company and captain are liable for passengers’ safety so the skipper’s decision is final while you are out in the sea.

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