Functions and Advantages of Product Placement

June 29, 2012 sarah Fitness

Product placement marketing is starting to become extremely popular today because it offers many benefits to all parties engaged. Product placements and branded entertainment promotions have assisted numerous businesses to considerably enhance their bottom line, especially when connected to films with a high success rate. The content below will reveal a few of the uses and benefits of product placement.

Initially, let have a look at precisely what is branded entertainment.

Branded entertainment, sometimes known as product placement marketing, is a technique that’s utilized to infuse branded items into numerous forms of entertainment. Basically, brands would offer financial consideration to or pay money for producers of films, tv shows, internet videos, video games and other forms of entertainment to include their products in entertainment presentations.

The emergence of movie product placement strategy has coincided with the decreasing interests in the conventional marketing mediums. Many companies found that customers weren’t listening to traditional advertising media, so product placement was incorporated in their advertising strategy to reach a broader audience. Marketers reinvented their methods and started to place advertisements in popular movies and television shows to capture consumer’s attention.

Uses and Benefits of Product Placement

When marketers started to use branded entertainment and product placement methods, an increasing number of companies were noticed advertising their products in well-known movies and tv shows. These ads can be noticed in popular films including James Bond featuring Omega watches; Mission Impossible featuring Apple Macs; Men In Black advertising Ray Ban glasses and many popular television shows such as the Apprentice, Top Chef, Project Runaway and American Idol.

As of such, the product placement technique became a magic potion for entrepreneurs. Because of the significant success of marketing in films and tv shows, the entrepreneurs move on to the next level and started to utilize internet movies, video games, music videos and other entertainment mediums.

Product placement advertising offers several advantages to manufacturers, producers and film stars. From the viewpoint of the marketers, it provided companies with an chance to be related with well-known actors and to use movie footage and pictures to conveniently advertise other products.

Because it pertains to the producers and actors, they earned substantial amount in fees along with the opportunity to endorse brands in numerous film festivals.

Musicians also benefit from advertising products in their music videos and lyrics. Most performers use the revenue from these deals to offset the general cost of producing their music videos.

The marketers are also utilizing the internet to include product placements in songs that music fans would get from YouTube. In this instance, the main advantage is that brands would develop greater retention rates in people’s minds whenever the artists perform at shows and concert events.

In general, product placement and branded entertainment methods have proven to be extremely effective as more customers are connecting certain goods to the names of famous actors and singers. For this technique to work, the brands must be featured prominently whilst creating subtly appearance in movies, television shows, web movies or video games.

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