Financial Technical Analysis Using Volume

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I wonder when you yourself have realized this

All the data you get daily from the stock market in financial technological examination charts are nothing more than:

1. Cost

2. Size

Thats right. The number of orders and only the purchase price are known daily and taken as charts for financial complex research. Not many technical investors make full utilization of it in helping them with their t.., despite the fact that size is such an important factor.

Financial Technical Investigation Using Volume

I wonder if you have recognized this

All of the knowledge you get daily from the stock exchange in financial complex evaluation charts are nothing more than:

1. Cost

2. Amount

Thats right. The number of orders and only the purchase price are known daily and taken as charts for economic complex research. Although size is such an important factor, very few technical investors make full usage of it in aiding them with their industry records and exit. many technical professionals simply do not know how to seem sensible of the daily amount bars in terms of the purchase price action action is because. I present here a straightforward chart explaining what the purchase price versus size behavior mean and hope it helps you to make more sense in your financial technical research.

Economic Complex Investigation Using Volume Identified

Increasing Cost + Growing Volume = Healthy Bull development

Rising Price + Declinging amount = Bull development drying up, striking roof quickly

Declining Cost + Rising Amount = Healthier Carry Tendency

Decreasing Price + Declining Volume = Bear tredn drying up, bottoming quickly.

Suffering Price + Sudden Volume rise = Attempting to sell Climax, short term support degree reached

Price at Peak + Sudden size rise = Buying Climax, weight degree reached

Financial Technical Analysis of Mind & Shoulder Creation Using Size

The volume sample for a and shoulders top formation is very distinctive.

On the left shoulder a peak is reached by volume. As prices move up to the pinnacle, volume increases,

but this 2nd volume top should be less than that of the left shoulder. This higher peak in value,

yet lower peak in size, is an important sign to the dealer that buying interest is far less enthusiastic.

Finally, as costs rally and form the proper shoulder, volume further diminishes.

Financial Technical Research Using Size, Conclusion

I am hoping this simple explanation of what each movement of value versus volume means in financial technical analysis will help you, as a technical trader, obtain a level of accuracy when reading your charts and therefore a level of trading consistency.

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