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December 31, 2012 sarah Uncategorized

Have you ever needed a quick present for your Mother at the end of the year? And has she often told you that she was always fond of your vacation pictures?

Then try the free GIMP calender plugin from It is a free and easy to use plugin for the well known gimp graphics program. It was originally created by Moritz Mekelburger for Kalender erstellen, that is how we germans call “make your own calender”.

This program proofed to be a really powerful tool, and so it was enhanced by in order to be able to create the whole year at once. There is a good set of instructions called eigenen Kalender machen.

The calender plugin lets you choose a directory with pictures for every month, then creates a gimp pic with all the months as layers. The next step is to indicate where you want your calender to be rendered and then you start the plugin again. You have to state the year for which the calender is created and off you go!

After the plugin is done you have 12 pictures each embedded with a calender for the corresponding month.

If you need a little incitation for you own calender, you can have a look around on the site, the site itself features a lot more, there is a fine collection of calenders with nature photography (for example the well known Geo Kalender 2010), so the site is worth a visit no matter if you want to create your own calender or not.

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