BMW 635 Air Suspension Kits.

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BMW 635 Air Suspension Kits are a great way to do something drastic to your car’s suspension. The new BMW 635 Air Ride kits we offer are easy to install and include everything you need to get your custom Bimmer lowered in seconds. Our Bimmer Air Ride kits come with everything you need to install the new air suspension on your vehicle. Each BMW 635 Air Kit comes with the main components you’d buy separately if you pieced the kit together on your own. Bimmer air suspension kits are relatively new to the market, but more and more people are opting for them because of their quality ride, but flexibility to get as low as you want. If you are really looking to have a slammed BMW 635, a new BMW 635 Air suspension is the best way to do it. Street Beat Customs has several different BMW 635 Air Ride kits available to match your bimmer’s needs. Just take a look around to finish off your BMW 635 air ride project!

BMW 635 H&R lowering springs are available for your Bimmer if you opt out of an air suspension kit and decide to just go with a single ride height. We also carry other brands such like BMW 635 Sprint lowering springs, Intrax lowering springs and Eibach Race springs- all of which lower your car just enough to bring it to the desired stance and it will definitely improve the handling in and out of the curves. We’ve also got the BMW 635 sport shocks to match. Check out the BMW 635 Tokico Struts for a great mate to your BMW 635 lowering springs. The BMW 635 H&R Cup kit is also a great lowering kit for your bimmer. It is a highly desired kit that comes with the BMW 635 shocks and springs together.

Whether you like to ‘pancake’ your ride upon shut off, take turns on three wheels or just bounce to impress the kids – BMW 635 air suspension kits are definitely a one of kind setup for all to enjoy. When your car or BMW 635 is equipped with a ‘sport’ or lowered suspension, your vehicle’s stance is limited to a single setting. If you have an “adjustable suspension” or even a coilovers setup; you still have to crawl on the ground to raise or lower your vehicle. The beauty of an air suspension is that all of the controls are at your fingertips. You can adjust ride height, set custom settings and even train your car to do “tricks” with the flip of a switch. Air suspension is an ‘all or nothing’ type of decision to make about your vehicle’s suspension. That’s why we have carefully sought out the best possible parts to maintain your vehicle’s integrity, ride quality and structural tact while you pursue your hopping or auto-leveling desires. Browse around and find the best kit or air suspension parts for your setup.

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