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The greatest challenge that typically prevents females from fully investing in a strength training routine is the idea that you have to go to a gym to get a good workout.  There are actually various factors why females do not enjoy going to the gym.   Some just don’t have time since they are working a full time job and taking care of their kids (frequently their husband, too).  Others are just not comfortable doing weight training at the gym since they’ve to workout around large men who get in the way and cause them to feel weak for utilizing such small dumbbells.  Well, we want to give you some help.  We will show you how you can get an entire workout without needing to go to a gym.  Instead, you are able to complete these exercises for ladies at home.

Body Weight Circuit Routine

We talk a good deal about body weight circuits within our posts, but which is simply because we believe in them.  We have seen for ourselves the effect that body weight circuits provide on your fat loss and muscle toning goals.  We also adore them for the reason that you do not have to leave the house and you are able to get in a great full body routine in 20 minutes.  They save you a lot of time, but they’re also extremely effective.  Isn’t that what everyone needs?

Should you believe body weight circuits are the solution for you then  we have a detailed 4-week program for you completely free of charge.  Simply follow this link: Workouts for Females .  It offers a full 4-week program for all fitness levels employing absolutely nothing but your body weight.  It uses illustrations to show you exercises you have most likely never heard about (for example the ‘Bird Dog’) and it even presents some useful diet tips.  Craig Ballantyne has lots more body weight circuits and several excellent fat reduction advice.  

Ab Training at Home:

We know a lot of ladies would like to have a flat belly and tight abs, but use caution with what you spend your cash on.  The truth is, the biggest reason many people don’t have 6 pack abs is due to their diet.  Most women will have to get beneath 20% body fat before defined abs will show up.  Before centering too much on your stomach muscles we strongly suggest trying to decrease your body fat.  One of the most effective approaches to make this happen is through the Turbulence Training program we named above.  

With that in mind, working on your abs muscles now can truly tighten your abs when you have obtained your goal body fat percentage.  The two workouts that we recommend are planks and lying leg lifts. 

  Leg Raises:

Lying leg lifts are exactly the things they claim to be.  Lay on your back putting your arms by your side.  Gently and in a controlled motion raise your legs until they are at a 90 degree position with your core.  Then slowly lower your legs, once more in a controlled action.  Right before your feet touch the floor start to raise your legs again for the next repetition.  Begin with five sets of ten repetitions.  As time passes, work your way to five sets of 20 reps.  

Implementing Planks for Six pack abs:

Planks are a fantastic approach to work your your core since they don’t put stress on your back like crunches and they make use of your abs in the manner they are intended to be used, for stabilizing your torso.  Plank is basically a pushup in which you hold yourself up with your forearms and elbows as opposed to the hands.  Plank is a stance you just hold for a specified period of time.  The longer you hold the posture the harder your abdominal muscles need to work to stabilize your core.  Start by attempting to do 3 sets for 60 seconds.  The third set will probably be much more difficult than the first set.  Gradually you’ll work your way to 3 sets of 2 minutes each.  

A lot of what we look at in the ab muscles training routine for females was presented to us by Rusty Moore.  Rusty has a full course developed particularly for females that supplies a complete workout routine, a 12 week cardio course, and he also teaches you everything you’ll want to know about the best way to tone muscle where you would like and even reduce muscle mass in locations that you think are just too large.  The best thing is that he also teaches you how to tweak his program so that you are able to do it all at home.

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