Aggressive Dog Behavior: What To Do With Bad Dog Behavior Problems

February 27, 2014 sarah Uncategorized

Professional dog trainers are often heard saying that there is no such thing as a bad dog behavior – only dog owners who don’t know how to handle their pets.  This is because while most individuals are willing to adopt or take in a dog in its best behavior, not all of these individuals are responsible enough to train the dog in getting rid of its aggressive dog behavior

It’s also quite possible that as a dog owner, you have tried every possible way to correct your dog behavior problems.  Not every method of training and motivation works, though.  Here are some things you have to consider:

Dogs are Animals 

Dogs are irrational creatures that act on their instinct.  It therefore goes without saying that as the human in the relationship, you can’t expect your dog to act according to human standards.  The most common example for this is destructive chewing.  Dogs that are healthy normally chew. Chewing, for them, relieves aggressive dog behavior and releases tension and unused energy.  The sad thing about this though is that a dog can chew on almost anything that lies on its path.  As the human, it is therefore your responsibility to keep things out of the way and out of your dog’s reach.  Substitute old socks, shoes, furniture and books with cold chew toys.  Compared with adult dogs, puppies are more likely to chew on things especially when they are teething.  Provide them with chew toys.  In this way, chewing on your used sock or your shoe wouldn’t be such a tasty option for your dog.

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